Tuesday 1/23/2018 at 6:56:03 PM
Private Label Page

The Private Label Page Program has been designed to give corporate clients direct access to TrainingPro’s programs and services through their own Company website.  The private label page platform allows clients to benefit from the extensive resources, industry expertise, and technological training advancements available trough TrainingPro, while maintaining the corporate identity they work diligently to uphold. 

TrainingPro’s technical experts design and configure an educational and training link for our clients that can be directly accessed through their company website.  This customized portal uses TrainingPro’s platform to provide instant e-learning training programs and information while mirroring the format of your company’s website... and associates have instant access to training needs from a familiar location.

With TrainingPro’s Private Label Page Program you are able to:

  • Utilize a customized education portal on your company’s homepage that matches the format of your company homepage.
  • Navigate your associates through the educational process.
  • Immediately enroll students as members of the TrainingPro community, and activate each student into TrainingPro’s Corporate Tracking and Reporting System.