Thursday 11/23/2017 at 7:59:37 AM

Mortgage loan originators and brokers in New York must now pass a New York mortgage license test to conduct business in the state. The New York mortgage test is a new requirement by the state and the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS). Mortgage professionals must pass the New York mortgage test within four tries or risk the ability to do business in the state in the future.  Candidates must wait 30 calendar days between each test attempt. After the fourth attempt, they must wait 180 days before retaking the New York mortgage license test.

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The New York mortgage broker exam was released by the NMLS in December 2009. The test consists of 50 scored test questions and 10 unscored. The mortgage brokers test for New York includes six topic areas:

  • New York State Banking Department (5%)
  • New York State Law and Regulation Definitions (15%)
  • New York License Law and Regulation (20%)
  • Compliance (45%)
  • Disciplinary Action (10%)
  • Unique New York State Test Areas (5%)

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What is Ax5?

Ax5 is TrainingPro’s proprietary formula for preparing for the NMLS tests.  Ax5 stands for:

  • Awareness of Exam Content
  • Assessment of Knowledge Level
  • Arrangement of Course Material
  • Action Plan
  • Analysis and Self-Evaluation


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