Texas Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers

Texas Mortgage Brokers and Loan Officers Training Center


The Texas Mortgage Bankers Association has partnered with TrainingPro, the nation’s leading provider for mortgage continuing and pre-licensing education, to provide you with discounted courses to renew and maintain your license.

Below you will find information about these courses as well as a link to the registration form. The following steps must be completed to register.
    1) Download the course registration form
    2) Fax to 866-304-0500 OR Call Lisa Smith 877-878-3600
    3) Fully complete the course to receive your certificate

  • NMLS 20 Hour Online Instructor Led SAFE Course - $239 (Plus $1.50 per credit NMLS fee) Course Number 1054
  • NMLS 8 Hour Online Self Paced SAFE Course - $109 (Plus $1.50 per credit NMLS fee) Course Number 2726

The Online Instructor Led Course, also known as OIL, is one of the newest education formats allowed by the NMLS for mortgage training. It is modeled after the “university-type” online programs and blends independent assignments with interaction with the instructor and classmates.

In TrainingPro’s OIL courses, there are modules throughout the course that include reading material, assignments, and quizzes that must be completed and passed for completion of the course.  There is also a forum activity assignment that needs to be completed and then reviewed by the instructor before moving past that point.  There are three consecutive reenrollment options if the course is not completed by the ending date.  The instructor will send messages daily throughout the course including a suggested daily schedule and welcome and closing messages.  A message will also be sent to inform the student of their last enrollment in the course.

  • All 2hr, 3hr, 4hr, and 5hr courses are available for 2 consecutive days ( Monday and Tuesday, or Thursday and Friday)
  • All 10hr courses are available Monday – Friday
  • All 20hr courses are available either Tuesday – Monday, or Friday - Thursday
  • All classes start at 10a on the first day with the exception of the 20hr course which starts at 1p EST on the first day and all classes end at 11p EST on the last day (however, customer support will only be available until 8p EST each business day of the course)
  • An instructor is available to participate via live chat every business day from 11a-3p EST

All continuing education online training classes are available 24/7 at the student’s leisure to complete. These online classes are timed, based off the state mandated requirements. The student must spend the minimum amount of time required in each module. However, this time requirement does not have to be in one session. The student may log in and out as many times as needed. The student may also spend more than the minimum amount of time in any continuing education class. These classes do continue quizzes and a final exam; however the students will have at least ten tries to pass each multiple choice quiz and exam. A certificate of completion is automatically posted upon completion of any CE class.